Last November, after three very long and trying years in the hellish southern-like part of Texas, we had just moved back to Oregon. My daughter had just turned two in August, and we had been travelling across country in a moving van on Halloween night, so we missed it. I was thoroughly disappointed but knew she didn’t really know what she was missing out on. We took her the year before after just turning one and it was cute, but obviously not the real “trick or treating” you look forward to with your little ones.

This year will be so different, we’re in Oregon, where it’s finally starting to look like Fall after a surprisingly hot summer that I loathed–I guess you could say that Texas murdered any tiny part of me that enjoyed the heat. There are pumpkin patches, leaves on the ground, rain puddles to jump in (our favorite) and best of all Halloween is right around the corner. I can’t wait to make Halloween treats all morning, carve pumpkins in the early evening and set out on a long adventure in the night with my little family.

It came so fast! I still have to let my little one pick out her costume, pick out her first pumpkin (the baby one she insisted on having at the market does NOT count), and maybe stomp through a corn maze or enjoy a hay ride. This time of year makes me so happy. It makes it hard to not be productive and inspired. 

What do you love about Fall (if anything) and what do you dislike (if anything)? What are your traditions? I’m excited to finally start some here in the Pacific Northwest, Where I belong. 


Lucky me! My Sweetheart VoxBox review!

I happened to be one of the lucky gals to get this fun-filled Voxbox from Influenster! Before I dish on the juicy details I’ll answer the question that’s probably bouncing around in your noggin. Voxbox? Influenster? What are they and how do I get one?
The best part of my Voxbox is that it was free and Influenster is free to join! And I qualified for this particular Voxbox by filling out easy little surveys and fit the criteria by my age, location, etc. I know, right!?
Shoot me a comment and I’ll send you an invite–first come, first serve!


Olay® Va-va-vivid! Cleansing System
This is by far my favorite of the goodies I received. The brush is tiny and triangular-which had me skeptical-but it gets into the crevices of my nose which is perfect for me because I have generally clear skin but get annoying pimples under the skin there.
The cleanser is nice, smells good, and leaves my skin clean but almost too clean. But that’s what their intention was so I can’t complain. Just remember to moisturize! I will continue to use this brush and cleanser and replace it when I’m out because now that I’ve used it, washing my face with my hands (like I did this morning because I forgot to bring it in with me) makes my skin feel like I didn’t clean well enough!
Also-I used a masque after cleaning with this system and I feel that it helped my masque do a better job!

Secret® Clinical Strength Stress Response Deodorant in Serene Citrus
This stuff is awesome! I’m not a stress sweater (if that’s a thing) but this stuff works no matter what I do to work up a sweat. When I saw the citrus scent I was a little “meh” but it’s actually really nice. Smells like an orange creamsicle and I can honestly say this stuff had me craving one every time I got a whiff. Weird, but true. Since I’m not a stress sweater I’d probably not buy this again, $10 for a deodorant, especially a soft gel (it’s more like a cream-I usually buy solids) is a bit steep for my pockets. But if you had a problem with stress or body odor I can see where it would obviously be worth it’s weight in gold as that is an embarrassing problem I thankfully don’t struggle with. Plus it’s endorsed by Oprah which is saying something. I wonder if her name is registered or copyrighted? Probably. Oprah©

Not Your Mother’s® Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray
I was really excited about this stuff because (not to brag) I have beautiful long hair, that waves naturally. But (not to gripe) my hair is heavy, and with no product is limp. So any volume excites me! I have used sea salt spray before (by Redken thanks to my sister in law who is an accomplished hairstylist) but it wasn’t so much texturizing as it was … I’ll say! Perfume for your hair. It was awesome and is all gone but I kept the bottle and put water in it so my daughter can spray her hair when I spray mine and feel included. She’s 2 and is all girl… moving on. I was expecting a similar cologne like scent from this stuff but was surprised. The scent is very subtle but pleasant. It smells like Banana Boat tanning oil. If you’re unfamiliar with that smell I feel sorry for you and if you don’t like that smell get off my blog because yum. It made me flashback to when I was 115 pounds of un-stretchmarked pre-baby skin lying in the sun with sunglasses too big for my face. And I love it for that. The bottle I got is small, so I don’t know how well it works for volume. As I said before I have a lot of long heavy hair so I need a bigger bottle. You hear that Not Your Mother’s? In exchange for good reviews? Maybe?

Skinnygirl® Daily On-the-go Bars in Greek Yogurt Blueberry Crisp
I’m not gonna lie I don’t usually eat breakfast. I know I should. I’m doing better. I either eat bacon or make a smoothie. Sometimes. I’m bad at routines. But bars like these are nice because they’re packed with protein so you’re full and energized with little effort. It was yummy, yummier than most. I’d even go as far as to say it’s the best I’ve tried. And I’ve had Cliff, Powerbar, and Quest bars. However as a mom on a budget I am turned off by the price of around $10 for just five. I know that’s not much but to put it in perspective I can buy frozen fruit, fresh bananas and a tub of greek yogurt for the same price and make smoothies for me and my husband and daughter for a week. These are also natural, kosher, gluten free and high in fiber. Which is impressive and assuredly worth the price for someone with a bigger wallet or steady low-calorie diet. Maybe single?

Well that’s all I have, overall I’m happily surprised by everything and even happier still that they were free just to receive my honest opinion!

QuestBar All Natural Protein Bars

When my husband walked in the door with a box for me I was immediately disappointed it wasn’t my Sweetheart VoxBox (A box full of products for me to try that should be here any day now!) but I cheered back up once I pulled out my QuestBars. I had almost forgot I was going to receive them. They had a promotion on their facebook page and me being me… couldn’t resist a freebie! My biggest excitement comes from the fact that they are not only all natural but also high fiber and gluten free. I received two bars; chocolate brownie and cinnamon roll. I was off-put with the idea of cinnamon roll because I’m not big on sweets but it’s actually my favorite of the two. Under 180 calories, filling, natural, rich in fiber… this bar is a perfect on-the-go breakfast bar with energy to help jump start your day.


Been a while…

Ok. My two and a HALF year old (on the 12th) Is fully potty trained. No poops or pees anywhere but the toilet. And no more freaking out when she poops. I tell her to tell me afterwards so I can see it, she dumps it in, and wipes now.
A huge part of me is excited and thankful. Another part of me is … what now? She’s been out and about. Never has an accident. She just gets it.
It’s emotional for me.  She is my baby. She can count to twenty. Has known her alphabet for over a year. Where do I go from here? Since she is so potty trained, that I only praise and reward poops. I do get very excited for pee-pee! How long should I continue, how long should I allow bedtime poops?

The Schick Hydro Razor *Review*

Okay, I don’t have to shave my legs often because I have been blessed with super fine blond body hair (people legitimately ask me if I shave my arms because they look bare and are so smooth) and I live in Oregon where my only wardrobe staple is pants. BUT I do shave my underarms (so much easier to read than armpit—you’re welcome) daily because, well… that’s just something I do. So I have a constant problem-bumps! And sometimes associated itchyness which is annoying to say the least.

The Shick Hydro has this water-activated moisturizing syrum which basically eliminates that problem and I couldn’t be happier! At only around ten dollar, the starter kit comes with a razor, two changeable heads and a suction cup holder.
Which is a good price, and brings me to my only gripe! The suction cup does not work. I don’t know if it has something to do with my shower but I couldn’t get the darn thing to stick longer than a minute and it would have been much more convenient had it have worked!

The thing I love most about this of course, is that I got my starter pack free thanks to BzzAgent, who sent it to me along with a vast assortment of $5 off coupons that my friends gladly gobbled up! If you haven’t heard of BzzAgent, go to their website and sign up, it’s free and you have the oppurtunity to try products for free!

Become a BzzAgent!
I am definitely switching to the Schick Hydro-give it a try! And I have a couple extra coupons if anyone needs one. 😉